Feb 2021 After a year of no meetings due to Co-Vid virus, it was so good to be back.

Busy workshop in Feb 2020

The 2019 Competition Trees

Winner: Robert 

February 2019

Members busy with their trees:


Dec 2018

Hampers and door prizes:

The Ash Forest (Won by Robert C)

The winner of the Encouragement Award was Wayne, thanks for all the help in the club Wayne:

The Bonsai Christmas trees:

Items for Auction: (some of them)

July 2018 Mark planting an Ash Tree Forest

May 2018 Camellia demo by Sally Christmas

March Demonstration 2018

February Workshop 2018

September Meeting 2016:

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August Meeting – Trees on Display

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Members Working on their Trees

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Some lovely trees for sale

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May 2016 – Trees on display

DSC03588DSC03589 Two beautiful maples, very different styles, in Autumn foliage.

April 2016 – Members’ trees on the display table:

DSC03385 DSC03384 DSC03383 DSC03382 Landscape DSC03347 Olive Gum Maple Asalea Juniper Chamaecyparis

And Air Layering:

DSC03378 DSC03377 DSC03375 DSC03367 DSC03366 DSC03364 DSC03360 DSC03357 DSC03348

February 2016 Workshop night:

We all had a great time and a lot of good development was done on trees.

Research on the internet and good old books, learning techniques and finding a design to suit that tree.

Interesting trees on display.

Cutting carefully, wiring, and drawing up a future for the tree.

DSC02341a DSC02343a DSC02346a DSC02347a DSC02348a DSC02349a DSC02350a ??????????????????????????????? DSC02351b DSC02352a DSC02353a DSC02355a DSC02356a DSC02357a DSC02358a DSC02359a DSC02360a DSC02361a DSC02362a DSC02364a DSC02365a DSC02366a DSC02367a DSC02368a ??????????????????????????????? DSC02371a DSC02372a DSC02373a


September 2015 AGM and Critique

Emily's Chinese Elm

Emily’s Chinese Elm


August Meeting

A great presentation by Quentin on styling a pine from field-grown stock, with assistance from Mark Ludlow

DSC01280DSC01286DSC01287DSC01291DSC01296DSC01298DSC01282 DSC01289 DSC01288 DSC01284

July Meeting

An excellent workshop session:

DSC01034 DSC01027 DSC01026 DSC01024 DSC01023 DSC01022 DSC01021 DSC01020 DSC01019 DSC01009

June Meeting

Mark’s presentation on repotting showed us from the basics to advanced, with support from Marcela.



April Meeting

A wonderful informative presentation by Peter Fewster on Maples, followed by plenty of practice for everybody.

All busy And this bit? Here? Yes Cut here Peter on Maples


February Meeting 2015

Focus on Windswept style

On windswept style

Planting angle Small windswept Another small windswept

Windswept pine Another lovely tree DSC00194 Everyone is getting on with it DSC00199 DSC00195

Busy styling S\tarting to wire





November 2014 Meeting

Mark presented on the making of minis:

IMGP0627a You can make a mini from a cutting you have struck. Wire the trunkline.

IMGP0629 Bend, even spiral it down. Remember that the curves you add now will become less pronounced as the tree grows and thickens, so you can make them fairly extreme now.

IMGP0630a Pardon the blurry picture and the scribble on the whiteboard behind, but you can see the tight curves added to the trunkline at this stage. Now grow it on to develop some thickness and to get branches which you will style later.

IMGP0634a A “Three Point Display” with the bonsai tree, a scroll, in this instance depicting springtime, and your choice of a mini indicating the understory to the main tree, or an accent plant which should again be attuned for place of season.

Some more developed minis:

IMGP0637a IMGP0631


June 2014 Meeting

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The stock, juniper, with which Quentin and Imy started.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The tool of choice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Starting to carve a groove.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The groove hollowed out on what is to be the underside of the trunk when bent.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Inserting wires into the groove to support the trunk and prevent cracking when being bent.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Starting to bend it down.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tightening the wire to lower the top still more.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The trunk shaping done. After the tree has had a rest, the foliage pads will be structured, the jin carved and preserved/whitened, etc.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Imy and Quentin, the champions, and the future pot in front.

May Meeting 2014

Mark Ludlow of the Master’s Apprentice Bonsai School and Nursery gave a wonderful presentation on Styling Field Grown Stock. He started with a juniper, explained its faults for classic styling, and discussed ways of styling to overcome them. Then he presented a sketch of a style, and started the work, creating the jins and shari. Of course, there is a long way to go, but it was wonderful to see the potential beginning show through.

Field grown juniperField grown juniper


Started to work to the plan

Started to work to the plan

Mark also talked us through the basic steps in branch selection on less complicated material, such as this field grown radiata pine.

field grown radiata pine

field grown radiata pine